Signs Of Automatic Transmission Problems

Do you have a vehicle with an automatic transmission? While this part makes shifting gears convenient since you don't have to learn how to use a stick shift, it can have some unique problems that will cause the part to need repair. Thankfully, most parts of your vehicle will give you some sort of indication before they fail completely. Here are some signs that you could be experiencing automatic transmission problems. 

Hard Shifting

As you ramp up your vehicle's speed, the transmission needs to do its job to shift gears automatically. You may notice that the transmission does this job a bit poorly. The vehicle may jerk as it shifts between gears, or even make loud sounds when doing so. This is an indication that you could have a transmission fluid leak somewhere in the system, and the transmission is not getting the fluid it needs to shift gears smoothly. 

You'll want to check the levels of the fluid to ensure they are at the proper level. If not, then you have a fluid leak and it needs to be repaired. If the transmission fluid levels are fine, you could have a bigger problem with your vehicle that requires professional repair to fix. 

Slow Shifting

Does the vehicle shift gears smoothly, but it just takes a while to do so? You may notice this problem the most on the freeway, where you are speeding up and your vehicle seems to be taking its time doing so. This is a problem known as slow shifting, and it is all due to your transmission not changing gears when it should be based on the speed of your vehicle. 

Slow shifting can also happen when you are shifting out of park to reverse. This change should happen quickly, and you should be concerned if the vehicle is hesitating and you cannot start backing up the vehicle right away


A transmission can make an odd humming or whining sound for several reasons. It could be something as simple as a bad seal that needs to be fixed or even low transmission fluid. However, it can also be a more complicated problem like bad bearings within the part. Other noises to watch out for include clicking or buzzing. Even if it is not directly related to the transmission, it's important to have these new types of sounds investigated by an auto repair service so they can get to the bottom of what is causing it. 

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