Protect The Carpet From Your New Puppy

If you have recently gotten a new puppy, you may be concerned about how to keep your home and carpets clean. There are many carpet cleaning chemicals that can help with the process of potty training, some of which will be mentioned hereafter. Unfortunately, potty training is not the only way that puppies can damage carpets. Hair, dander, chewing, and tracking in dirt are also big challenges, all of which can be avoided if you are diligent and always watching. Here are a few tips of how to keep your carpet safe from your new puppy.


When your puppy is really young, you may want to put down rugs in order to limit the amount of carpet your puppy has access to. Should an accident happen, you can easily wash your rug in your washer, completely eliminating any urine smell. Rugs are also helpful to make sure that your dog does not track in any mud from outside. Make sure to wipe down their feet after anytime in mud or loose soil. This will help to eliminate clumps of dirt getting brought into your home. 

Clean Up Messes Immediately

Should your puppy have an accident in the house, time is of the essence. Do not allow smells and fluid to sink into the carpet by picking up any solids and then spraying an enzyme cleaner on the area. The enzymes in the cleaner will help break down the smell and the bacteria. This is extremely important due to the fact that dogs like to do their business in the same place repeatedly. Enzymes help deter your pet from repeating this process of accidents and cleaning. 

Good Dog Grooming

Brushing your pet regularly is a great way to protect your carpets. This will allow you to remove shed hair before it gets ground into the floor or clogging your vacuum cleaner. Regular visits to the groomer will also help reduce pet dander and oils from your dog's fur from getting into your carpet. 

In conclusion, the more vigilant you are, the better your carpets will fare. If you are having an extremely challenging time housebreaking your dog, talk to a trainer or professional near you. In addition to keeping your carpets as clean as you can, most pet owners would benefit from getting their carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year depending on how much your dog sheds. The goal for any home is for guests to visit and not know if you have a dog or not. With diligent effort on your part, this can happen!

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