Repair Guide To Auto Safety Glass And Your Classic Car Restoration Project

If you are restoring a classic car, the safety features are areas where you will want to update your vehicle. Some of these upgrades include installing harnesses and safety restraints to replace outdated seat belts and updating the auto glass. You will want to make sure your car has auto safety glass to make it safer to drive on public roads. The following repair guide will help you with the auto safety glass improvements that need to be done to your classic restoration project:

1. Replacing the Front and Back Windshields to Update Your Classic with Modern Safety Glass

The front glass in your car is one of the first areas where you want to start updating with modern safety glass. The front and back windshields are the most vulnerable areas of glass in an accident and the areas where you will want to replace the glass with modern auto safety glass if possible. Sometimes, it may be more difficult to get the right glass to fit and you will want to consider other solutions for your glass safety needs.

2. Repairing Existing Auto Safety Glass That Has Been Installed During Past Repairs to Your Car

Sometimes, the glass in your car may have been replaced in the past due to repairs and it may meet modern safety standards. If the glass is newer safety glass but has been damaged, you will want to contact an auto safety glass service and talk to them about options for repairing the glass instead of replacing it if possible.

3. Using Auto Glass Films That Are Designed to Make the Custom Glass in Classic Cars Safer  

One of the options that you will want to consider if it is difficult to find the right glass to replace the old glass in your classic is a window film. Today, window films are a lot more than just tinted films to have installed on the windows of your car. Modern window films can also be safety glass films that are designed for classic car restoration and updating the old materials to meet modern safety standards.

4. Replacing Common Windows and Custom Glass Manufacturing to Update Your Classic with Safety Glass

There are also common window sizes that may need to be replaced when you are upgrading your car with modern safety glass. If there is glass in your car that has an odd form or shape, you can talk to an auto safety glass replacement service about having the custom glass made especially for your restoration project.

These are some of the auto glass improvements that will help make your classic car safe to drive on public roads. If you need help with the glass repairs and replacement for your restoration project, contact an auto safety glass service for help with these upgrades.

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