Signs That Your Tires Are Worn Out

Having a reliable vehicle is an essential part of life if you work and have places to go, but owning a car also requires performing routine maintenance. One maintenance activity your car will occasionally need is tire replacement. How do you know when to replace your tires, though? You can know the answer to this by learning about the signs that indicate that you have worn-out tires. Here are four signs you should be aware of that will help you know the answer to this question.

1. They Are Five Years Old

If your tires are at least five years old, you need new ones. A new set of tires may last for more than five years, but you should replace them at this time, whether they need it or not. Tires that are older than this tend to perform less effectively, and they might not be safe to use. If you rarely use your car, there is a chance that your tires may last up to ten years. Tires expire, though, and you should always change them if they are ten years old.

2. They Have No Tread Left

The second sign of worn-out tires is a lack of tread. The tread found on your tires is what helps them work well, but tread wears down with use. You can check the tread on your tires with a simple test. Take a penny and insert it in between two grooves on your tire with the head facing down. If you can see the entire head on the coin, you need new tires.

3. Your Car Shakes While Driving

Worn-out tires tend to cause shaking in a vehicle, so if your car is shaking, it probably means that you need new tires. Tires cause cars to shake for several reasons, but this almost always means that you need new tires or an alignment.

4. You Can See Cracks or Cords in the Tires

Finally, you should inspect your tires to look for cracks or cords. Cracks in tires indicate that you should replace them. If you can see cords in the tires, you should not drive the car until you replace them. Seeing cords in the tires means that you can see the internal part of the tires, and this is a safety hazard.

Do you see these signs with your tires? If so, you likely need new tires. To get new tires, contact a tire shop for a quote and to schedule an appointment for tire replacement.

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