What Is The Purpose Of An Oil Change?

If you own a car and want it to last for a long time, you probably know that you must get regular oil changes completed. Do you know why, though? Do you know what the purpose of an oil change is and why you need them regularly? If you know that it is essential to get oil changes but do not know why, continue reading to learn about the purpose oil changes offer.

Oil Lubricates the Engine and Its Parts

When you start your car, your engine immediately begins running. As this occurs, the components in your engine start working to serve their role in driving. Every part of the engine relies on oil. The oil you have in your car does not remain in the reservoir tank you put it in. Instead, it moves through the engine, and it serves a vital role. The role is to lubricate all the parts inside the engine compartment. This lubrication allows the parts to move freely and perform well. Oil gets dirty from this process, though, and that is why you must change it. When you have clean oil in your vehicle, it performs more effectively.

Oil Keeps the Engine Cool

The oil in your engine also serves the role of cooling down the engine. The parts in your engine move while you use your car, and this movement creates friction. The oil in your vehicle reduces the natural heat produced from this friction. When the oil is dirty, it cannot do this as well. Dirty oil might result in overheating in your engine compartment.

Oil Burns Off From Use

The last thing to understand is that your car will burn off some of the oil as it uses it. As the oil moves throughout the engine, some gets lost. As this happens, your car may not have enough oil in it to perform its job. While you could routinely add more oil to your car, you should realize that you will never eliminate the old, worn-out oil if you do this. Having it replaced provides fresh, clean oil and a new, clean oil filter.

Getting an oil change provides a way for you to replenish any lost oil and replace any dirty oil present in the engine. If you do not get regular oil changes, you will have a much higher chance of experiencing engine problems with your vehicle. If you would like to schedule an appointment for an oil change, contact an auto repair shop today.

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