Why Your Vehicle's Transmission Is Slipping When You Accelerate

Is your vehicle having issues where the automatic transmission slips when you are putting your foot on the accelerator? If so, it could be due to one of these 5 reasons.

Too Much Transmission Fluid

Was transmission fluid recently put into your vehicle? It's possible that too much transmission fluid was used and now is causing the fluid to foam up. It will cause a problem where the fluid pressure changes and causes problems with gears shifting erratically and transmission damage.

Not Enough Transmission Fluid

It can also be problematic if the transmission fluid is too low. If the transmission does not have the fluid it needs, the oil pump will eventually run dry. The torque converter will eventually run dry, which causes erratic shifting while driving. Your mechanic can tell if you've caused damage to the friction plates within the transmission by checking the transmission plan for grit. However, you can tell you have low transmission fluid when it makes a whining noise, or erratic shifting when you are applying a steady amount of gas. When in doubt, check the transmission fluid with a dipstick to see if it is at the proper level.

Dirty Transmission Fluid

Having dirty transmission fluid will contribute to the transmission failing prematurely. The easiest way to tell if you have a dirty transmission is by smelling it since it will have a smell as if the fluid has been burning. The transmission fluid will also look very dark when it is drained due to all the debris in it, and your mechanic will be able to tell when they drain the fluid.

Damaged Solenoids

Your transmission has solenoids, which main purpose is to direct hydraulic fluid inside the transmission so that the gears can change properly. If you have bad solenoids, the transmission may slip gears or not shift at all. This is one part that is best left to a mechanic to investigate since the part is located inside the transmission.

Bad Transmission Control Module

If your vehicle has a bad transmission control module, it is going to cause problems with the transmission communicating with the solenoid. It will lead to gear slipping and erratic shifting. Sometimes all that needs to be done to fix this part is to clean the connectors, but you may have to replace the control module with a new one if it is damaged beyond repair. 

Take your car to a local transmission shop if you're having problems with your transmission. 

For further information on transmission repair, reach out to a company like AAA Commercial Transmission.

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