How to Determine If Your Auto Transmission Needs Repair

There are a lot of drivers on the road who neglect important maintenance on their vehicles. Most people might remember to get an oil change a few times per year, but they may not think to do any maintenance on an important system like the transmission. If you are a driver who has never had your transmission flushed or the fluid replaced, then you may have a transmission that needs attention. There are a few things to notice to determine if you may need repairs.

Gears Start to Stick or Grind

One of the easiest ways to determine if you have a transmission issue is if you struggle to move your gear shift into a different gear. Whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual, the gears shouldn't stick in place or take a lot of effort to move into a different gear. Sometimes, a gear that is worn or getting stuck will also make a sound like it's grinding against something. This can be because the gear isn't properly lubricated or due to wear and tear. As soon as you notice this type of issue, it's important to get your transmission looked at. It's possible you may just need more transmission fluid, or it may mean your transmission is close to needing to be replaced. 

Acceleration Starts Slipping

Another sure sign of a transmission issue has to do with a loss of power. This can happen when a car isn't fully in gear. When a transmission doesn't fully get into gear right away, it will not accelerate normally. It will take several seconds to move forward at a normal rate of speed. If your vehicle is starting to not accelerate normally and the engine revs before it will start to slowly accelerate, you'll want to have your transmission repaired immediately. This kind of problem can actually be dangerous, as you will not be able to drive and react to traffic normally in the vehicle.

Gears Are Moved

It's not uncommon for vehicles to have gears move. Sometimes shifting down to neutral may mean being in drive in a car that has had this happen. While the vehicle may be operational when this happens, it can also be a dangerous issue. Not being able to see on your gearshift panel what gear you are actually in can be confusing. You can't always pay attention to which gear you are in when you are in traffic and need to change to a lower gear or go in reverse. It's best to get this issue checked immediately. It will usually require a full replacement of your transmission, but that's not always the case.

The engine and transmission of the car are two of the most important parts to maintain. By keeping on top of your transmission's maintenance, you can avoid a lot of the above problems from happening. It's important to know when your transmission is having problems because it may make your vehicle unsafe to drive.

If you think you need auto transmission repair, contact an auto shop in your area.

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