Five Signs That You Need Auto AC Repair

Your vehicle's air conditioner may be giving you problems that only repair work can resolve. By having your AC repaired by professionals, you'll be able to keep the inside of your vehicle cooler on hot summer days and save parts and other items that are inside the vehicle from heat damage. If you notice any of these five signs, you should consider scheduling an auto AC repair service so that you can stay cool behind the wheel.

A Lack of Cold Air

One of the most obvious signs of a failing air conditioner is if you notice that your vehicle isn't getting enough cold air throughout the interior. Your vehicle's AC may be blowing out hot air, and this could indicate that your unit is low on freon or experiencing other mechanical problems. You may notice the lack of cold air suddenly or gradually as the problem with your AC continues to get worse.

No Air

Another obvious indicator of a failing air conditioner is a lack of air. If no air blows out of your vents even when you turn your AC to its highest setting, your unit's fan could be faulty. There might also be a problem with your AC's control switch. 

Unpleasant Smells

Any foul odors that are being emitted from your AC's vents should be investigated by professional mechanics. As CARFAX explains, a dirty cabin filter is often the cause, or the unpleasant smells could be coming from mold that has formed on the evaporator case. It's also important to note that the foul odors could be the result of microorganism buildups, and this problem can often be solved by simply spraying your AC with a cleansing spray.  

Unusual Noises

The sound of air blowing through your AC vents is to be expected, but any rattling or banging sounds that you also hear should be investigated by auto AC repair experts. The unusual noises could be caused by an object that's trapped in your blower motor, or the cause may be that your air conditioner's condenser is in need of repairs.  

Noticeable Moisture

Seeing moisture around your AC's coils shouldn't be cause for concern, but finding water on your dashboard or floor could mean that your unit is leaking. A leaking auto AC is often the result of a clogged drainage hose, which should be fixed quickly to prevent further AC damage.

None of these signs should be ignored if you want your vehicle's AC to last for the long term. Skilled mechanics who offer detailed auto AC repair service can perform diagnostic testing and perform the needed repairs to bring your air conditioner back up to standard. 

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