Auto Repair: Signs Your Carburetor Needs Some Fixing

Older vehicle models tend to differ from their modern counterparts in several ways. For example, most vehicles made up until about the eighties have a carburetor, a component that pulls air into the engine. The air then mixes with fuel before flowing into the cylinders. Unfortunately, modern auto shops might not be well-equipped with maintenance and repair technologies for failed carburetors. That is because the newer car models have a throttle body and electronic fuel injection systems whose function in place of the carburetor. 

In that case, you will need to find a seasoned auto repair mechanic to fix your carburetor. It is also critical to understand possible malfunction indicators of a broken carburetor so that you can take the necessary steps to prevent further damage. Here are the tell-tale signs that your carburetor needs immediate auto repair: 

When Your Engine Starts Having Cold-Starting Problems

Cold-starting a car should be easy when all the systems are working efficiently. If you try to start the vehicle in the morning and it doesn't work, you could be dealing with a carburetor problem. Often, trouble arises from issues in the carburetor's choke mechanism. When the choke mechanism fails to close as it should, a rich mixture of fuel will get into the engine when it gets cold. 

The auto repair expert can assess the choke mechanism to see whether it has stopped functioning. They will replace it to eliminate the cold-starting problem. 

When the Vehicle Hesitates Before Accelerating

A functional vehicle should respond immediately once you step on the acceleration pedal. If your vehicle keeps hesitating when you try to increase speed, you might be having serious engine issues. Typically, it happens when you have a lot of air inside the engine and insufficient fuel. The imbalance results from a weak accelerator pump and a dirty carburetor.

The auto mechanic might need to check the carburetor's condition and its components to determine whether you need a repair or replacement of the parts.

When Your Vehicle Starts Rough Idling

Rough idling is another indication that your carburetor is due for professional repair and maintenance. Rough idling is characterized by shaking, sputtering, and other unusual behavior when stopping the vehicle. It can also be due to a lean mixture of fuel. When you notice this sign, take the car to an experienced auto repair specialist to inspect and repair the carburetor.

When it comes to carburetor problems, you should find an expert who understands older car models better. The automotive mechanic will help you fix the carburetor and restore the vehicle's functionality. Contact an auto repair service for more information. 

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