4 Ways to Tell Whether You Need an Auto Glass Repair or Replacement Service

As a driver, you know that terrible and scary feeling that follows after a rock hits your windshield as you drive on a rough road. You may notice a crack or hole after a significant impact on the windshield and begin to wonder whether you need to replace or repair the glass. The answer is often not as straightforward as you might think.

When you notice an abnormality in your windshield, how do you tell whether it needs an auto glass repair or replacement? Here are a few important tips to guide your decision.

1. The Extent of the Damage

Inspect the extent of damage and assess how bad it is. You may need a professional's insight to get the full spectrum of the problem. Cracks ingrained deep into the glass may be too problematic to repair. It would also be too dangerous to drive with a severely damaged windshield. If it is a minor issue, work with a repair service.

2. Location of the Damage

The placement of the hole or crack would also determine whether a repair or replacement is best suited. Some locations are considered too delicate to allow any blemishes. For instance, a driver's view may be too sensitive to patch up. If the damage is on other sections of the windshield apart from the driver's space, you could go for repair service. A driver's view takes priority, but a professional can always advise accordingly.

3. Your Budget

On average, you expect auto glass replacement services to be pricier than repair services. After detecting damage to your windshield, it's in your best interest to find an immediate solution for the problem.

If your budget cannot handle a replacement service, you should seek a repair service. Repair services extend your windshield's lifespan and would likely buy you more time to prepare financially for a replacement.

4. The Integrity of the Damaged Glass

Damages, regardless of their sizes, can greatly affect the integrity of the entire auto glass. A thoroughly cracked windshield may be too hard to salvage. After an expert inspects the cracks or holes, they will know whether the performance of the glass has been compromised. A general rule details that if the damage affects less than half of the windshield's structural strength, consider a repair service.

Are you wondering whether you should schedule a repair service for your auto glass? These factors can guide your decision. Contact auto glass repair services to learn more. 

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