Does Your Vehicle Need A New Battery? 3 Signs

If your battery on your vehicle is in bad shape, you'll begin to notice signs that there are things going wrong. The battery is the heart of your vehicle, and it's necessary for your vehicle to run. If your vehicle is in need of a new battery, you're going to need to have it replaced in order to get your vehicle to run. Read on for a few signs that your vehicle needs a new battery.

1. Your Vehicle Takes A Few Tries To Start

If your vehicle seems to take a while to start up, it could very well be the starter, or it may be the battery. If the battery isn't any good or is beginning to go bad, you'll have issues starting, as the battery isn't getting enough charge to start your vehicle. If you're noticing that you have to turn the key on your car and it's taking a bit longer to start, take a look under your hood to inspect the battery. Look at the battery to see if it's corroded. This can happen with time, and the corrosion is covering the terminals. You can take a can of cola and pour it onto the battery. Then use a stiff-bristled scrub brush to remove the corrosion. Be sure to unplug the battery first.

2. Your Vehicle Isn't Starting At All

If you attempt to turn over your vehicle and it isn't starting at all, as in you don't hear any noise at all when you turn the key, it is more than likely the battery. Check to see if you left your lights on or some other light on inside the vehicle, in which case the battery may just be dead. If it's just dead, you need to jump-start the battery. If you attempt to jump-start the vehicle, and it still isn't taking a charge, you need a new battery.

3. Your Battery Is Old

If you've had to jump-start your battery and the battery is older than 5 years, you should probably just invest in a new battery. It's more than likely that the battery is on its way to dying, and you should just invest in a new one and prevent being stranded somewhere.

If your vehicle needs a new battery, or you aren't sure if it does, you should take your vehicle to an auto repair shop to have your battery inspected and to have a new battery installed in your vehicle.

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