Checking The Lamps On Your Vehicle To Ensure It Is Safe To Drive

The lamps or lights on your vehicle may not seem important, but if they are not working correctly, it can be difficult for other drivers to see you and could result in a collision. A lamp inspection takes about five minutes to do, and most auto repair shops will check the lighting on your car if you request it.

Brake Lamps And Turn Signals

The most challenging lights to check on your own are the brake lights because they only come on when the brake pedal is depressed. When you have a lamp inspection done on your vehicle, the technician doing the job can have another tech assist them and check the brake lights easily.

The turn signals are easier to check, but the brake lights and turn signals often use the same bulb with different elements in them. If the brake lights are not working and the bulb needs changing, it can resolve issues with both the brake lights and the turn signals simultaneously. Vehicles with separate lights can change the bulbs individually to repair only the bulbs that are not working.

Headlight Repairs And Adjustment

The headlights on your vehicle may need replacing because one is not working, and on modern cars, changing the headlight involves changing just a bulb in the headlight housing. The process is more straightforward than on older cars, but it is critical that you use the correct bulb and get them in the housing correctly so the lights shine on the road without blinding people coming in the other direction. 

Often the position of the bulbs makes them hard to reach and may require some parts to be removed to get to the bulbs. The technician doing the lamp inspection can change the headlight bulbs and make sure that they are correctly seated in the housing so that the headlights are appropriately adjusted.

Additional Lamps

Along the side of the vehicle, there are several marker lights that add to the visibility of the car at night. These lamps are not there for you to see but help other drivers see your vehicle on the road. The bulbs in these marker lights are easily changed if they are not working, and the bulbs typically come in packs of two so you have a spare. 

During the lamp inspection, the technician can check the lights inside your car if you ask them to. The dash lamps are often more challenging to get to than the rest of the lamps, but a qualified technician will be able to access the bulbs for you and change any lights that may be out in your instrument panel. 

Contact a local auto service if you want a lamp inspection.

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