Dealing With Frequent Tire Repairs: Understanding The Importance Of Proper Wheel Alignment

Do you feel as though you are constantly replacing or repairing the tires on your vehicle? Does it seem as though you get more flat tires than the other people in your life? If so, the issue behind these problems may not be faulty tires or even poor road conditions. Instead, the frequency of your tire repairs may actually be your wheel alignment. 

Understanding How Wheel Alignment Effects Your Tires

Your vehicle's wheel alignment is responsible for making sure that all of your tires are positioned properly so that they are not only even with one another but with the road as well. This is extremely important because if one or more of your wheels is out of alignment, your tire will no longer remain perpendicular to the road while you are driving and you can experience damage to your tires as a result. For example, if your tires are out of alignment, you will often notice that the tread on your tires is no longer wearing out evenly. While the tread on the outer edge of your tire may still look brand new, the inner edge of your tire may actually have run completely bald. This type of uneven wear can result in tire blowouts and the need to replace your tires more frequently. 

Knowing When To Get Your Wheel Alignment Checked

So now that you understand why a proper alignment is so important to the life of your tires, you may be wondering how you will even know if your wheels are out of alignment. The most common and easy-to-spot sign of a bad alignment is that your vehicle will begin pulling to one side or the other when you remove your hands from the wheel while driving straight on a flat surface. You may also notice that your steering wheel is no longer centered when your wheels are actually facing straight forward. 

If you suspect that your wheel alignment may be off, you should know that many auto service shops offer the ability to have your alignment checked free of charge. It is a good idea to make use of this free service if you have spotted any of the tell-tale signs of a bad alignment or if you recently put new tires on your vehicle. If your alignment is off and needs to be adjusted, it is important to follow through with automotive repair as soon as possible since your tires will continue to suffer from increased wear and tear until this issue is resolved. Reach out to a professional for wheel alignment assistance. 

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