3 Reasons You Need A Pro To Replace Your Windshield

Replacing a windshield on your car might not seem challenging, but this is anything but a quick remove and replace job. Installing a new windshield on your vehicle is a relatively fraught process with numerous pitfalls that can create problems for amateurs. An incorrect installation can also have severe consequences, even if your windshield doesn't fly off the first time you drive away.

If you're considering handling your windshield replacement on your own, it may be time to stop and reevaluate. Consider these three reasons why calling in a professional to handle this job may save you time, money, and frustration.

1. You Can't Simply Unscrew Your Old Glass

Some automotive repair jobs are relatively straightforward and only involve unbolting a few components. Replacing a windshield is considerably more complex. To begin, auto glass specialists need full access to the perimeter of the windscreen. This process usually involves removing any hardware along the bottom edge, including cowling, windshield wipers, and even HVAC filters.

Once they have access to the windshield, technicians need to remove it by breaking the urethane seal. This seal acts like glue that keeps your windshield in place, and it's necessary to cut the urethane all the way around before removing the glass. While cutting some glue might sound straightforward, this task requires care, experience, and specialized cutting tools.

2. Urethane Choice Matters

When reinstalling the windshield, you'll need to select a urethane to bond the new glass to your car. This bond ensures your glass remains adequately seated and forms a watertight bond with your vehicle. However, selecting the best urethane for the job isn't always straightforward, and you'll have numerous options depending on your budget and specific needs.

Auto glass technicians know how to select the proper bonding agent for your climate and specific vehicle. For example, some urethanes will cure much more quickly in cold conditions, making them ideal for replacements over the winter. Selecting the wrong urethane can drastically increase curing time, potentially making your vehicle unsafe to drive for hours or days.

3. Modern Cars Include Complex Features

Your windshield might have more complex features than you realize. Accessories such as rain sensors or heads-up displays work with your windshield, and an improper removal or installation can damage these items or affect how they function. Other high-tech components, such as HVAC sunlight sensors, may also be near your windscreen and vulnerable to damage during the replacement process.

Trained professionals know how to work around these high-tech components to avoid causing damage and ensure that everything functions after they finish the job. Relying on a professional to replace your glass will help protect you from damaging an item that may be far costlier to replace than your windshield.

For more information on auto safety glass replacement, contact a professional near you.

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