5 Signs A Motorhome Needs Repairs

Any vehicle is bound to have repair needs over time, but RV repairs introduce a host of different concerns. It is important to stay in front of motorhome repairs so keep an eye on these five possible signs it's time to take your RV to a technician.

Funny Smells 

The presence of water lines and plumbing systems in an RV creates a host of uncommon vehicle repair problems. Frequently, these issues first appear as funny smells. For example, a leaky water line in the living section of the vehicle can encourage mold production. You may only notice the problem once you get a whiff of the mold's funk.

Similar problems can arise from air conditioning system issues. If the A/C isn't extracting enough humidity from the air, you can end up with similar mold concerns. After fixing the mechanical issue, you'll also have to clean the living area.

Declining Fuel Economy

Motorhomes aren't precisely the most fuel-efficient machines on the road today. However, an unexplained decline in fuel economy may be an indication the vehicle's engine is struggling. Unless your RV has been traveling through steep hills or towing more weight than usual, it shouldn't see a marked decline in fuel economy. If you're losing multiple miles per gallon in fuel consumption, have a mechanic check it out.

Transmission Slippage

Like many bigger vehicles, an RV depends heavily on its transmission system to deal with changes in road grade or carrying weight. Consequently, the transmission is likely to develop issues after years of use. The first sign of trouble is often that the transmission will slip between gears. It won't necessarily fail to shift into the next gear, but it may take a couple of seconds to kick in. When this happens, it's time for an RV repairs shop to service the transmission.

Features Sticking or Struggling

Many RVs use mechanical systems to provide home-like features. For example, some have pop-out systems that provide expanded living space. Others roll out awnings to provide shade. If your RV's features seem to be sticking or struggling, you should ask a technician to address the situation.

Electrical Levels Drop

An RV has to provide power for its functionality as a vehicle and motorhome. This puts a lot of strain on the electrical system. If you see power levels regularly dropping, the system could be struggling to keep up. Batteries may not be fully charging, for example. A dip in electrical output is a sign you should have the system fixed.

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