Things You Should Consider When Buying Large Tires For Your RV Or Offroad Rig

Buying tires for any oversized vehicle is a bit different from replacing the ones on your car. The larger tires must be strong enough to support the vehicle's weight and durable enough to resist damage from rough roads or debris you may run across while away from home. 

RV Tires

The size of your RV often dictates the size of the tires you need for it. A large class A driver can weigh as much as a tractor-trailer truck, and installing tires that will stand up to that weight is critical. Many RVs use a dual rear tire configuration to help distribute the weight on the RV and the contents over four tires instead of two, and if you have a large coach, you may need dual axles in the rear with eight tires supporting the weight. 

Buying RV tires is often easier if you take the rig to a truck repair center that carries the larger load-rated tires necessary for your camper. These shops are also more apt to have the right equipment and knowledge to install them on the vehicle for you. Mounting and balancing these tires requires a different tactic than small car tires and if the balance is wrong, you will feel it inside the RV while driving. 

Using steel floating weights inside the tires is one option that allows the balance to shift as you drive, causing the RV to go smoothly down the road. There are also weights that can attach to the rims but require the tires and rims to be spun on a machine to determine the heavy areas. A standard machine is not big enough to do the job, but the truck shop will have a balancer that can handle the tires for you.

The load rating for your tires can change with the weight and size of the vehicle, but the owner's manual or a service manual for your RV should indicate what tires are necessary, and the truck shop can help you select new tires, then install them for you.

Off-road Tires

Large off-road tires can be challenging to deal with, and many serious trail rigs can have tires that are as large as a semi but wider and with deep and aggressive tread. The tires require some special handling to balance, and putting them on the truck or SUV can sometimes require two people to lift them. 

When you are replacing a tire this size on your off-road vehicle, you will often need a 4x4 shop to order the tires for you, or you can order them online yourself and have them sent to the truck shop that will mount and balance them before you put them on your rig. 

For more information about RV tires or off-road tires, contact a local dealer.

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