Automatic Transmission Service: 3 Most Frequently Replaced Transmission Components

As part of regular vehicle maintenance, you need to take your car to an auto service shop for professional auto transmission services. Getting these services done at the correct time or mileage intervals helps prevent unnecessary wear and damage to the transmission.

While what gets done during a transmission service can vary depending on your needs. Here are the three most frequently replaced components. 

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Like your car's engine, your auto transmission consists of several moving parts that generate a lot of friction and heat while the vehicle runs. The system uses a special fluid — called the transmission fluid — for proper lubrication. 

As this fluid degrades over time, it loses its lubricating qualities, increasing the risk of overheating, which can culminate in permanent damage.

During an automatic transmission service, a professional will check your transmission fluid level to ensure you have enough of the fluid. The professional will also inspect the fluid to determine if it needs replacement.

If your transmission fluid requires changing, they will remove the old fluid and replace it with fresh fluid that matches the grade recommended for your vehicle.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter

In addition to lubricating and cooling your transmission, auto transmission fluid helps to keep it clean. Transmission fluid carries dirt particles as it flows through your car’s system. This prevents dirt from sticking to vital parts and causing damage.

Thankfully, all vehicle transmissions have a fluid filter that catches dirt particles and removes them from your transmission fluid. Since this filter can become clogged from accumulating excessive dirt, it requires regular changing to keep the vehicle working at its peak.

Most professionals often check the transmission fluid filter together with the transmission fluid to determine if both require replacements.

Automatic Transmission Gasket

The transmission gasket is a rubber component that seals the gap between the transmission pan and the transmission housing to stop any fluid from escaping or getting contaminated by debris.

Like other wear-and-tear components of your transmission, this gasket wears and tears over time and will require replacement to prevent unnecessary damage.

When it comes to transmission fluid changes and parts replacements, it's essential to use fluids or parts recommended for your vehicle. The experts at an auto service shop near you can offer quality auto transmission services, allowing you to maximize the performance and life of your car.

For more information about your car's transmission, contact a local auto shop.

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