What To Know About These 5 Vehicle Sounds

Have you heard a new sound while you are driving your vehicle, and you are feeling a bit concerned? It is important to know what sounds to pay attention to and what you should do when you hear them. These are 5 sounds worth knowing more about.

Noisy Tires When Driving

Does your car just seem louder than normal? This can happen from tires that have low tire pressure or are out of alignment. The noises are from the tires not being in contact with the road properly, which causes a new noise that you are not used to hearing. Have the tires inspected, since even a problem like bent wheels can cause those loud noises to happen. 

Clicking When Turning

Have you noticed a clicking sound while you are turning your vehicle? This is due to worn out CV joints. These joints are similar to the joints in your body since the CV joints give the axles flexibility while the vehicle is in motion. The clicking that you hear is a sign that the CV joint needs to be replaced and will potentially fail in the future. 

Squealing When Braking

Do you hear a loud squealing sound when you apply pressure to the brakes? This could be due to brake pads that are worn down and causing metal to rub against metal. As the sound gets worse, it means that more of the brake pad is worn down, which causes more metal to rub against metal. The sound will also be constant and never go away as well, which lets you know it's a persistent problem. You will need to have the brake pads replaced as soon as possible when this happens.

Grinding When Braking

If you park outdoors, you may hear grinding sounds when you first start using your vehicle. This is due to rust forming on the brake pad from condensation or rain, and it is rubbing off the brake pads when you use your car for the first time that day. This is a problem that is not a reason to be concerned since it goes away quickly and is a normal sound to hear with your vehicle.

Squealing When Starting

A common noise that you may hear is a loud squealing sound after you turn your vehicle on. This is a noise that is coming from the engine and is usually due to a serpentine belt that needs attention. The belt plays an important role in powering the starter, alternator, radiator, fan, water pump, and air conditioner compressor. The belt may simply need to be adjusted or replaced, which depends on the condition of the belt. Schedule an appointment with a company like Action  Transmission for assistance.

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