Buying A Dump Trailer For Your Business

If you own a business that works with soil, rocks, or other materials that you need on the job regularly, a dump trailer might be the best option for you. Dump trailers offer a lot of benefits, and finding dump trailers for sale is not as difficult as you might think.

Finding Your Trailer

When you start looking for dump trailers for sale in your area, you might want to start with the local trailer retailers near you. Often the trailer dealers will have dump trailers for sale in many different sizes, giving you some options and making it easier to get the one that is right for your business. 

It is essential that you look carefully at the size options when you are considering a dump trailer so you get one that your truck can tow safely. If the trailer is too heavy for the truck, it could cause the truck to become hard to drive when the trailer is loaded, so making sure the trailer has the right brakes, hitch and load rating to work with your tow vehicle is something to consider carefully.

Deciding Between Electric or Hydraulic

When you start looking at dump trailers for sale in your area, you may find two different kinds. There are small, lightweight trailers that use electric rams to raise the bed, and there are hydraulic trailers that use an electric motor to power a hydraulic pump that lifts the bed when you are ready to dump the materials.

The hydraulic dump systems are far stronger, but it does mean adding the weight of an electric motor and a pump to the front of the trailer. The electric system is lighter, but the actuators used to lift the dump body may be limited. Check with the dealer to see what the lift capacity on both systems is, then choose a trailer that best fits your needs. 

Buying Used

You may find a used dump trailer for sale in your area, and if it is the right size and load capacity for your requirements, you could save some money going with the used trailer. If you are going to buy a used trailer, it is important that you check the dump system to ensure it is working and that there are no leaks in the hydraulics or problems with actuators if the trailer uses an electric lift system.

If you are not sure about the condition of the dump trailer for sale, ask the seller if you can have the trailer checked at a local shop before you buy it. The mechanic at the shop will look for the entire trailer over and let you know if it is worth spending the money on or if it needs a lot of repairs to be serviceable.

For more information on dump trailers, contact a local company.

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