Why Get A Safety Inspection On Your Vehicle?

A safety inspection differs from a traditional service of your vehicle in that a safety inspection is more detailed and looks for signs that your vehicle may be a potential danger on the road. Your car should have warning lights to let you know something is wrong with the vehicle, but this should not be your only guide to car safety. Without a proper safety inspection, you may not know that your car is in need of mechanical repairs.

Whether your state requires a safety inspection as part of the registration process or you're using your vehicle for an upcoming trip, safety inspections are worth investing in. Here are just some reasons why.

You may legally have to

A vehicle safety inspection checks the windshield, lights, seat belts, and other parts of the vehicle to ensure it's safe to operate. Tire tread is often checked during a safety inspection as well. Sixteen states in the nation require vehicle inspections at least once a year, and when you sell or transfer a car to someone else, a safety inspection is a legal requirement. If you're unsure of whether you have to legally have your vehicle inspected, speak to your local DMV or the police department.

Your car may be a road hazard

There are several ways your car can become a road hazard without you even realizing it. Having a headlight out, for example, makes your vehicle harder to see on the road. Broken or missing turn signals, side mirrors, or even a cracked windshield can all be road hazards for your vehicle as well. You may not realize you have issues with your car until you get pulled over for them or worse, get into an accident. If you're using your car as your main vehicle or plan on going on a long trip, then have an inspection done to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Your car inspection can be cost-effective

When you get a vehicle safety inspection done, the costs are actually cheaper than you'd think. Most vehicle safety inspections can be done around $250 or less, and unless you have legal restrictions about where these safety inspections can be performed, you can have them done at any DOT-approved auto repair facility.

The costs for a vehicle safety inspection vary depending on how detailed the inspection is. Types of inspections vary from 50, 75, or 100 point inspections, which indicate how detailed the inspections are overall. The cost of a vehicle inspection does not include the repairs that may be needed based on what the inspections reveal.

For more information about safety inspections, reach out to a professional. 

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