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You want to keep your car looking great as long as possible. A huge part of how good your car looks is dependent on the condition of its paint. However, the paint can easily end up with damage, even when you have done everything right and done everything you could have done to keep the paint protected. No matter how careful you are with regards to where you park in a parking lot, how careful you are not to park under trees, and how careful you are to steer safely around any threatening bushes, the paint can still be damaged just by driving it on the streets and highways. Your car can get a lot of stone chips in it from the pebbles and small stones in the roadway getting kicked up and hitting the paint, which chips it. Not only do the chips take from the look of the car, but the paint damages can spread and get worse if not repaired soon. Here is some information on stone chip repairs that you'll want to know.

Your car won't generally need to be repainted

As long as you are just having some small stone chips in the paint repaired, you aren't going to have to have any complete part of your car completely repainted. Instead of a large section being completely repainted, just the spots where the chips are will be painted. The exact process that is used will depend a lot on where you choose to take your car to have the work done, the type of car you have, and the amount of damage. 

Rust can set in

When you have damages in your car's paint that have been allowed to go unrepaired for a while, not only can the surrounding paint be more and more affected, leading to larger areas of damage, but other issues can arise as well. For example, in certain conditions, you can end up with rust in the damaged areas. If you have rust to deal with, then the protocol for repairing the stone chips may be a whole lot different than it would have been otherwise. This is due to the fact that the shop will have to take care of the repairs in a way that gets rid of the rust completely so it won't be an issue in the future. 

A clear bra can protect the car in the future

Once you have the stone chips damage repaired, you should ask about having a clear bra put on the front of your car to help protect it from this type of damage in the future.

To learn more, contact a stone chip repair company.

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