Air Conditioning Not Working In Your Car? Repair It On Your Own With These Tips

Is your vehicle's air conditioning not working properly? If so, you can take your car into an auto shop to get it repaired, or try to fix it on your own. Here are some tips for fixing it by refilling the refrigerant.

Get The Right Tools

The first thing you need is a can of air conditioner refrigerant, as well as a special hose that will allow you to put the refrigerant into your vehicle. A local auto parts store can guide you towards the right hose to use, since it will have a gauge on it that tells you how much refrigerant is in the system.

Prepare The Hose

The hose will have an end that connects to the refrigerant that has a valve on one side. You want to start by loosening this valve so that it is all the way open, then connect it to the can of refrigerant. This will prevent the hose from piercing the top of the refrigerant before you are ready to start refilling your car.

Locate The Correct Port

Your air conditioner under the hood should have a port that you will connect the opposite end of the hose to. This is known as the low service side port, and can be found between the evaporator and the compressor. It often has a cap on it with the letter L to help easily identify the port, and will be the only port that your hose will connect to help ensure that you do not make a mistake. If your hose has a quick connect port, you should be able to just pop it on the port.

Add The Refrigerant

Unscrew the hose slightly from the refrigerant can, which will help release any excess air that is in the line. Just do it slightly so that the pressure can be released before you move forward. Then tighten the valve so that it pierces the refrigerant can. You'll then need to turn on your vehicle and allow the air conditioner to run. This will move the refrigerant from the can to the system and start refilling the system with 

Check The Refrigerant

Keep an eye on the gauge on the hose and make sure it gets to the proper level for your vehicle, which should be listed in your owner's manual. When it has reached the proper level, go through the steps in reverse to disconnect everything. Shut off the vehicle, loosen the valve, disconnect the hose, and replace the cap. 

If your car's AC stops working, try these tips on your own. If you need further help, visit an auto repair service near you. 

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