7 Ways To Take Care Of Your Car This Spring

Before you start driving a lot and enjoying the warmer weather, you will want to ensure your vehicle is ready to handle all of that sunshine and miles on the road. It is important to regularly take care of maintenance tasks when you own a vehicle; here are a few important maintenance tasks you will want to take care of this spring. 

1. Check Your Oil & Filter 

The oil you put in your vehicle and the filter you use to run the oil through are essential. The oil helps keep your engine cool and function smoothly; the filter helps keep impurities out of your engine. You don't want to be running old oil or with an old filter. The start of spring is a great time to change your oil and put in a new filter, so you know your vehicle is ready to take on the warmer weather. 

2. Check All Fluid Levels 

This spring, take the time to check all of your fluid levels. You will want to check the fluid levels for all systems that require their own special fluid, from your transmission to your power steering and brakes to your coolant and windshield washer fluid. If any of the fluid levels are low, top them up. If any of the fluid looks compromised, flush it out and put entirely new fluids in its place. 

3. Tire Care 

Next, you are going to want to check your tires. If you put winter tires on your vehicle, change them out for all-weather tires. If you have put a lot of miles on your vehicle over the winter, get your tires rotated to ensure they wear down evenly. Be sure to check tire pressure, as external temperatures can play a big role in tire pressure. 

4. Change Wiper Blades 

Your wiper blades are not made to last forever, which is why it is a good idea to change your wiper blades in the spring. Spring and summer can bring some big rainstorms, and when the rain is falling, you want to ensure you can see clearly. 

5. Check Spark Plugs 

When a spark plug goes out, it can have a big impact on your engine performance. Have your mechanic check your spark plugs and ensure they are working properly. If any of the spark plugs are starting to look worn-down, get them replaced before they are shot. 

6. Inspect Belts and Hoses 

Over the winter, belts and hoses go through a lot of wear, especially if you live somewhere that gets really cold. It is important to check belts and hoses for any damage in the spring. What may seem like insignificant damage can have serious consequences. It is important to replace damaged belts, hoses, pulleys, and tensioners before they break to save your vehicle from damage. 

7. Check All Lights 

Finally, check all of your lights and ensure they are working right. Your lights may need to be replaced, or the exterior may need to be cleaned to ensure you are getting the best possible light experience.  

Take your vehicle to your mechanic this spring for an in-depth maintenance inspection, which will cover all the above points and more. A mechanic will know what to check on, such as the brakes, engine, and suspension, and ensure that everything is working smoothly and safely and doesn't need any attention. With a vehicle, maintenance and prevention are a lot more affordable than repairs.   

For more information for vehicles such as Range Rover routine maintenance, contact a local mechanic. 

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